I don’t even really consider myself to be a great artist, as a matter of fact, I don’even consider myself to be an artist at all.  I am a vessel, all I do is hold the pen, God does the rest. Most of the time, I don’t even know what I am drawing/drawn until God says I am done.  I then look at the paper and say, what the fuck did I just do?! Also, my drawings are prophectic, they are keys into disrupting the Satanic agenda that would have otherwise brought harm to people/places/things. I will describe what I see/interperate, however, don’t take my word for it, almost every drawing that I show people, they see something that I was not aware of, so please, leave comments on what you see in my art, because I value everyone’s interpretation as if it were my own. Enjoy!


Dr. Diamond, I tried for 45 minutes to attach the pics on one email, I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe you can tell me how to do it? Anyways, I wrote about my drawing history from start to finish, let me know what you think. I can focus more on just these pieces if you would like. Just let me know, thanks.
     I would not have considered myself an artist for the majority of my life, when I was a young teen, I drew graffiti art for a about a year until I was arrested for spray painting. That was the end of that. I didn’t draw again until my therapist suggested I draw a picture to express my pain and suffering. This was somewhere between 2 and 4 years ago. One drawing turned into about 10 or 15. I drew these over the course of a month, to a month and a half. Then I stopped again.
     About 4 months ago, my dad was sweeping the floor, and in the pile of dirt was a pink marker. I thought to myself, hmm, what do I have to lose? So I picked up the marker and drew a picture. This soon after turned into an untamable beast. This was the beginning of the creating of these demonic entities that I create. I couldn’t stop drawing, until my marker conveniently ran out of ink around the time that my notebook got to the last pages.  At this time, something occurred to me, If I did this all with one color, what could I do with a set of color markers?
     So I got some colored markers, and released all hell upon a second notebook, pun intended.  These were more than they seemed to be, let it be known, 99% of my drawings are not premeditated. (except when I am recreating demons from a picture). I use a method known as automatic writing. Most people associate automatic writing with demonic spirits, this is not the case for me. I believe God controls my hand, when I draw, I can practically see in advance where the marker goes.

     Anyways, after About 20 or so drawings, I was hospitalized. Then hospitalized again… Then X weeks later, hospitalized again. In my third hospitalization out of the 3, I started to draw again. I destroyed 43 pieces I did in the hospital after havinga psychotic attack, about a week later I started drawing again. These pieces will be featured as hospitalization drawings. When I got out of the hospital the third time, again, I found one brown marker. So I went at it again.
     I drew about 10 pieces with just the color brown. After being in the hospital where all I had was a pencil and a piece of paper, I wanted to continue a minimalistic approach, to prove how much could be done with simply one color. Eventually, I got over myself and decided to get another set of colored markers and went to town. I tried to do at least one a day for maybe 2 or 3 weeks until other projects needed my attention, such as music, the demonic League of Legends section, Demons of New York, playing the guitar and bass, rapping, and many others aspects of my arts. This collection of colored drawings seem to be more advanced and refined then the first collection.  Or, maybe it’s just another style.  Practice makes perfect and every waking free moment I have is dedicated to my arts.
     I believe my automatic drawings are prophetic. They tell the history, present, and future of demonic entities. They are insight into soiling demonic plans.  There is no question that my art is demonic and satanic. I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not promote or side with evil forces. I do what I do to simply bring to light the fact that evil exists and it is to be feared. If someone is ignorant to evil, they are vulnerable, like I was inthe past. If you are aware that it exists, you know what to stay away from. 
Before examining this piece, I want to make one thing clear.  Something my therapist and I both hold as some our most core and stern values is that often, we cannot understand the greatness of God’s plan. If we do not understand what or why he is doing something, it is irrelevant, because God knows what he is doing, regardless of what we think.  That being said, God has communicated with me, that he has released Satan from hell. I will start by stating what I find to be most obvious. Towards the top left, there are what seem to be two arms and legs pulling themself out of some sort of a portal.  I believe that to be Satan pulling himself out of hell. 
Now, there is a reocuuring figure that keeps popping up in my drawings, unintionally that is. That is the blue figure near the bottom right of the page. He has one eye, and seems to have wings. I believe this figure to be a high ranking demon of Satan.  There are multiple colored lines above his head. I believe this to be a hat. Now, anyone who follows God’s word or the bible, you know that God’s word is all about interpretation, hence my art. If you pronounce the word hat with a hard a, it’s hate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Now, if you turn the picture upsidedown, there is a man’s head who looks to me like a muslim (Thw orange figure).  The same lines that make up the demons hat, make up an extended hat of the muslim man. The hat is much more clear in this figure. Before I continue, let me say, there is no question that terrorism is evil, as are demons from hell.  (Saying what I’m about to say will probably get me flagged by the CIA but fuck it, I have nothing to hide)  I have come to the conclusion that there is a strong link between terrorism and Satanism, I believe in fact, that Isis and high ranking terrorists take direct orders from Satan himself.  That being said, the muslim man, and the demon literally share the same hat, or the same hate, the hate of anyone who is not of their kind, and even at that, they often hate their own kind, just look at how women are treated in the Middle East.
Let me put out in the open, I do not hate muslims, however I do disagree with Islam, I do however, hate radical Islam, and I do hate terrorists, obviously) Being that the lines create one hat shared by the demon and the man, this to me infers that they are of collusion. The demon with the wings is doing something that I was not even aware of until someone saw this when I didn’t, The wing on the left seems to be pushing the Devil through the portal that is is coming through. That blew my mind when he mentioned this. Hence the Devil does not work alone. Also, the color purple is the devil’s color. How do I know this? When I was in a mental hospital, hospital workers we’re summoning the portal to hell.  The portal to hell is a dark, merky, purlish color. I know because I witnessed it first hand. Hence the Devil in the picture is purple. Unintentionally. Now, there is a purple line that deviates off the demon’s left wing and connects to the image below the Devil’s portal.  It connects to what seems to be the lower jaw of a demonic angry face. The green above it is the upper jaw, then there are two eyes. I also see (this is highly disturbing) a plane. The plane is the entire green image, a wing on the right, a wing on the left, the empty white space is the frontal window, and what looks to be the lower jaw, also looks to me like a fire. Essentially, it can be interpreted as a demonic face, or a plane with the right wing on fire. 
That being said, bare with me  on this one, “The plane it’s on fire”, or, if pronounced correctly, “The plan, it’s on fire,” The plan being Satan’s agenda, and fire signifying a failure or fall of the plan. Why? Because I am in collusion with the highest law enforement officials on the planet. I am a vessel of whom God the father blesses us with prophectic information through me, and by his mercy we are able to thwart the foces of evil from preailing in the name of God.  If you see something different, please leave a comment below. Thanks.


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