I don’t have enough gas in the tank, I’m flanked, by a rock and a hard place, waiting for great,ness, my life is a sad story, just skimmin through the pages, a distant fantasy, of the ideology of being complacent, with life, is so distant, fantasizing, on taking my own life, every night, lryically gifted, I guess that’s enough, to keep me hangin on by a thread, in this miserable life, if it weren’t for that, suicidal ideations, might have gotten the best of me, a fright,ening thought, rejecion, pain, and suffering, is the recipe, prayin that God will bless me,

Trapped behind bars drawing

I feel like I’m trapped behind bars every waking second, my life is prison and I need to accept it, it’s abundantly clear to me, that shit ain’t changin, a lifetime of rejection, I see it every, day man when, I look in the mirror, a reflection, of a miserable soul who’s been neglected. I like to fool myself sometimes and convince myself it’s just my perception, but then a cold hard reality hit’s me, like someone just dropped an anvil off the empire state building,

They say life’s a puzzle, I think I’m a missin piece, cryin so hard, its hard to breathe, I just want to leave, this miserable planet, off to the heavens, fullspeed, But I ain’t gon suicide, I wish it would occur naturally, then again, what the fuck would my family, do if I died, I’ve been denied, happiiness, fuck the world like a pie, malicious and vicious bitches gas me the fuck up just to pop me, atleast I can say I tried, so sick of manipulative kunts, need someone to confide, in.  I would be lyin if I said, I had faith, in the female race, 99.9% of em betrayed me, they blatantly ripped my heart out, and let me bleed out, they shit inside my soul, and let the fecal, matter stew. Who the fuck are you, ya dumb bitch, kiss my asshole, and lick ya lips, too cold, too cruel, you don’t do, that to people, it’s in the book of unwritten rules, this worlds too cold, I need some mittens dude. I’m emotionally doomed, the potency of betrayal, it looms, over my head, I think I’d be better off dead, If it was possible to die of a broken heart, I’d be dead, I’d be flyin through the clouds with 6 foot wings, but instead, I’m damned to endure this torturous world,  I was hopin there was more to this world, searchin for happiness, but all I can find is a lack of it, I can barely fathom this, prayin for a wayout like the rapture bitch, I ain’t even askin for lavishness, these dumb cunts can pacman this.


I’ve been runnin for so long that my feet hurt
feelin like I just wanna rest beneath dirt
how could it possibly be worse

if life’s an ocean I’m a beached hearse
tears of fire till my fuckin spleen bursts
runnin in circles, see who gets there first
never seen a darker day but tomorrow’s the worst
cursed, with this black cloud hangin over my head from birth
i’ll never back down i’d rather be dead than worth-less
demonic voodoo curses
flyin high like the birds, no rest no perches,
you can’t purchase my soul, i’m too earnest dead honest
i said my soul, you can’t burn this and that’s a promise
a star shinin among comets just take me away to the prophets
to the land of gladness cuz im

drownin in sadness, can’t handle this madness, so many goin hungry, even more livin lavish,  i’m just tryna tryna tread in the sea of life  i’m just tryna keep my head above water tonight.  I had a thirst but I didn’t ask for this.  I don’t know who’s mask this is, but i’m hidin behind it, I don’t know who’s match this is, but i’m burnin up, I’ve been blinded, because I can’t see a brighter tomorrow, I’m a fighter but the sorrow shot me down no arrow, but with despair so, so much baggage on my shoulders, wheelbarrow. I still care though. fly though the air slow.  Thought I could live the dream, it was all a nightmare though.

I stand alone like a scarecrow. grind me down to the bone, fuck it the marrow. When I lose my shit, you could catch me naked, dancing in the rain with a sombrero. Standin at the edge of a cliff lookin down, with one last prayer yo.  My existence has been devoured, caught in the bears throat.  feelin empowered but at the same time terrible. The taste of life so sour, it’s cloggin my airhole. mind boggling this despair yo,  now a days you gotta be careful or  youll wake up in a nightmare bro. kinda like,  this life which is a prison, the price is the mission, i’ll tell you wtice if you’ll listen, that this life just isn’t, what I wanted it to be, can’t keep my head above water i’m ponderin in the sea i’m wonderin how this eventually turned out to be my reality.

Holes in my life like cavities, so can I appease the need to release and feed, follow the breadcrumbs where do the pieces lead, getting shit on by life redrum till the feces bleed, fiendin self infliction of the reapers deed, A self depiction of a sleeping seed that never bloomed to see the sunshine at ease. SO i’m askin God please for mercy on my knees so thirsty for the birthing of another life that i’m not cursing. The constant hurting, the sun is shinin but I’m still shadow lurking. Flirting, with death but none the less hopin i’m worthy. I’m copin cuz they hurt me. The word on the street is is don’t worry, but all I’ve ever known is defeat i’m learning that there might be more to life i’m certain. suppress the pain then throw it up again i’m hurlin, like an oyster just threw up a pearl in, to your hands, like merlin, I had a couple tricks up my sleeve but I don’t know about these sinking sands. Life passed me by I must of been blinking, damn.

Life’s just a shit shower and I’m a spinning fan. These stains are permanent, try to erase a crayon.  burnin up throw some butter in the pan. Just tryna wait it out till we get to the promise land. tryin not to fade out, legs numb but I gotta stand, and, run a mile in the sand, on the bright side i’llcatch a tan. I need a lifeline cuz i’m dyin and I can’t han-dle this life anymore,  am I livin on the the edge of a knife or a sword  till I snap cuz I’ve been stretched too far like a rubber band, thought I had the upper hand. regardless, the who whole time I was sufferan. I don’t want your two cents, I want the whole dime and the fuckin can. Why must you terrorize my life no Taliban. I don’t wanna relive it all again, heaven sent but I’ve been to to the den darkness tryna hold on like a harness tryna get through the hardship, my soul is tarnished, my outer shell is varnished but inside it’s hell dead honest. Thoughts scrambled like an omlette. Put it all on the line you can’t stop it. Gas em up till you know your gonna pop it. Got this bitch on lock it, is not over till the man in the cockpit, says mayday were goin down and we can’t stop it. No flip floppin these fools tradin fools gold for a diamond. Pain’s of life got me cryin. A moment so defininin. When the gazelle attacks the lion. need someone to confide in. We walk a thin line and it won’t widen.   

This world’s too cold that I’m in. a sold soul worthless like ramen. The lake of fire’s never been brighter deep divin. Worlds colliding, the man of chaos, still supplyin. I’m findin a way out of this hell hole i’m fightin, for a hope that one day i’ll see the light and it’ll brighten. But tonight when these demons siphon, my soul soul out my bosy and outside there’s a light wind, my nerves tighten, yet i’m never frightened. strike em down like lightenin. U know I heard you like bison. You don’t have to say it twice in, this bitch. you sold your soul, for that brand new car stench rockin the Cadillac not goin back an inch. speedin down the highway to hell, no tints. Must have had a couple screws loose, no wrench. Tryna change the world but they make no cents. Tryna walk a straight line no bends, thryna make it make it the other side,, no fence. 

The son is shinin bright, don’t squint. I took the red red pill, no shit, divin down the rabbit hole no foam pit. Alternate reality i’m zonin. The ultimate fallacy is pokin it’s way through the clouds don’t let em in, he’s broken. PLease God let us win, we need an omen. regrets got me swollen, i’m heated, hotter than the north pole in the winter, you know it’s still cold, still bitter, still runnin i’m no quitter, shit out of luck but still lookin for the shitter to shit out my innards feels like I was meant to be an empty shell from the beginning.. Had to cut my losses but i’m still wiinin. Yet at times this life is a prison. Trapped in a dark room but on the bright side atleast these walls will listen to all the pessimism that I’ve accrued in this life still shit outta luck but i’m still pissin tonight. pissed of that is I might have to put up a fight  and fight for my sanity in the midst of the the night. My self worth is a kite dangling by a thread, I’m holdin on with a fist and it’s tight on this night I said. So hungry fiendin to bite the bread but beyond that i’m waitin for greatness ahead. gassed up no jet. life of seclusions got me pitchin a tent. To the darkness I went but I was still reppin the light with intent to change the world hope I made a dent. Some things you just cannot forget. 

I still glow I’m heaven sent.  Hopeless so I’m fishin for hope, broken, just tryna cope, these chains hold me down by the throat. I’m dyin to know what it’s like live life on the go. I’ve been stuck for so long in a cold world with no coat. just trying to prolong and go on, Freezin my ass off no joke.  I’m leavin the past cuz it’s burnin a whole in me i’m bleedin so fast, assed out but I don’t need no lapdance.  It’s not over till the fatman with a muffin in a napkin has has enough and od’s on apirin.  forever nappin. but until that time that time comes i’m residin in the trashcan. ruminatin on everything that never happened.  Can’t stop cryin like I got glass in, my eye, I guess it’s the new fashion. I guess I’ll give life one more try, but it’s the last one.  Been on the shitlist for a while now it’s time to cash in. got passion but I’m crashin, cuz I don’t have enough gas in, the tank. Was lookin for love but it was taint-ed just trying to awaken, from this living hell trying to get to the living room i’m trapped in the basement, I’ve got someliving to do too much time wasted, wasted on regrets I can taste it, every time I look in the mirrir I gotta face it. I cannot forget.

Try to color between the lines no tracin, but at the end of the day . it’s irrelevant i must confess cuz I erase it. to hell with it All for nothing so complacent. I think a raven passed me overhead, it must be a statement. ALl I can do is prey man. I’m prayin that I’m stayin with two feet on the pavement, I don’t wanna go yet, I’m waitin for greatness. No homo, but t life fucked me in the anus. no lube. Lookin for someone I could run to. Meanwhile, the whole time I was runnin from you.  I can’t take this, this pain is, unbearable. been walkin up these stairs for a year or two. , got a couple more to go, no one knows what i’m goin through. Searchin for the fountain of youth, who knew, the whole time it was just mountain dew. Ready to move mountains through, glaciers too. You know I do it all for you. unadulterated and unstoppable. So hated but on top of all, that, I’ve been left out to dry no laundry rack.  I guess i’ll try again but I keep wonderin back i’m so salty that my toungue shriveled up up and cracked. I’m on the same carousel doin laps year after year my fear is that I can’t steer this giraffe gotta switch gears. I gotta lick tears.  tryna get through it like thick beards . salvation, it’s near but I’m through with that provin that, there’s more to life than lurkin shadows, sewer rat.

 Quick Rap

Too hot, too hard, too fast
just in case you forgot, I’m bankin on the past like it’s a present from the future.
Don’t get at me cuz if you diss me you might need sutures.
I’m goin hard like it rained long and I’m a canoer.
In this industry all I smell is manure.
You could call me a go getter and a doer
on a higher level if not now then sooner
smoking trees might need a pruner
broken knees might need a ballooner
To carry me away from this sewer
In the distance I can see a petunia
and the moon a, shining star so far away
hop in my rocketship it’ll boost ya, any time or day
nothin but a trash bucket need a broomer(a)
to sweep away all residue of an industry
who will measure you, on how how much gold you got on your teeth
and ready to prove, that your elevated and soon, escalated to somthin and do, not give a fuck about envious dudes or nothin.
Never had much much bread never mind a muffin,
never gave much a fuck about this money huggin
It’s just paper dog, y’all are buggin.
Live the lavish life? fuck that I’ll live average tonight
Do you accept the savages bite?
You gotta practice to fight
This time you rack, I’m breakin.
Every advantage, I’m takin,

Don’t be mistaken, since the beginning of creation call it the invasion call it complication, call it domination, call it the persuasion of an entire youth and nation who have been corrupted beyond oblivion. Who have been instructed into imprisonment. A vision was sent. if only they listened a bit. Christen just to quit . On a mission just to let, the world know. Yell it through a microphone even if I have to bite the stone.  Gotta right the wrongs. See past the bling, and bitches with skinny thongs, they were misleadin you all along.  Sit back rip the bong watch the night stars, the world is mine, the world is ours. I’ve travelled too far, to see it ripped away like bacon. The virus is spreading, call it contagion, call it inflation just to be ripeed away and stomped out like a raisin every single fuckin day whether sunshine or rainin but in this game there’s no blamin

The fortune and fame can’t taint me
these savagous ravaging beasts can’t bait me
he meter can’t rate me
Rockin a beater and a tank tee
But lately I’ve been killin this shit
You so vanilla crisp
You so envious
YOu we’re meant to miss
ANd I was meant for this

Another Rap

I had a vision I was in a bright hall.
huggin the light but I might fall
I’m buggin tonight but it’s allright yall
Every night I die but bounce back call it a ball
On point like a tack in the wall
But i’m attackin the stall when I shit on you all smalltime rappers in awe
World so cold you gotta thaw it out
You know I’m so bold, gotta walk it out
You gotta spot the route
you gotta call em out
Rough day i’m appalled and aloud
to stomp holes through the clouds
my knee(money) is broke so I won’t bow
can I take a toke now I’m floatin, in the clouds I’m zonin

Can a get a thrown in this bitch cuz i’m open to havin a hole in, my soul, i’m not foldin. Rip it the sin i’m callin, on everyone to be ballsy, I would hope that you never cross me. I’m the boss please, do I need to sneeze into a tissue, and rub it in your face to diss you.

don’t wanna be alone in a dark room. If it barks it’ll bite dude.
That’s why I write fool.
Got a couple
Haters talk shit get a stall
Cuz I’m walkin
blood suckers  like mosquitos
That’s them boys, wouldn’t wanna be those
they’ll tear you up down there i’m talkin beatles,
snakes spiders, and fecal matter, cuz you just shit your soul out your bladder
nobody’s badder

Nobody’s gladder cuz I keep my bag of secrets tight,
and by the way1, my bags fatter. Demons peak, angels leap, from the sky. I was wonderin.if I’m hallucintatin because the sky holds the rain but I would rather die then hold the pain. We are just players in the game, but the boards tilted. The lights just went out and thunder struck, I felt it. You can’t melt this fire but you could smelt it. I’ve been to hell kid.


It’s time to get back to the pen.  I entrap you with my bars like your back in the pin.  Bring a jacket so you can jack it and then wear it as a plaque or a pin, to show that your special, then you could do it again, and then go and tell your friends. About your bitches, money, and benz. While your at it you could tell em it’s all pretend.  My mind’s scattered. I wish I had a fatter, bag of weed so I could get plastered. Crazy thing is i’m even a rapper, but if you wanna play you will get shattered.  You will get madder, then you ever fuckin been. Baby need a kissy and someone to tuck him in, flying high man, they’re at it again. They’re gonna die and then they’ll do it again. I’m bar layin, guitar playin, crayon erasin, used to ride the skateboard, i’m sayin I paid my dues, broken bones and braces, the race is winner takes all and I’m in first place man. You still in placements. I can see through your mask, fake tints. I don’t think you’re gonna make it. I run this bitch from the attic to the basement. you lost, face it, You nothin but a pagan. Imma keep preyin, on you, imma take you down pavement.

Is it the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end.  The end’s not pretend. The line we walk is thinning. Failure not an option, I’m always winning. I’m always thinking how I could give a fuck less about your one eye blinking, or your pyramid scemes. Your powers shrinking. My powers infinity Fuck your new world order. You want change, here’s a quarter, not even in ,my dreams would I take my fuckin head and bang it into the corner of a mortar, before I bow to your plans or i, give into your bullshit. Souls so wicked the cold’s so frigid.  The code you can’t pick it. My nutsack you could lick it. Take your fame and fortune and stick it, up your korn hole. You got me twisted like corn rows. imma have to burn those foes. Lyrical torture like your pluckin the nails off your toes but I suppose amongst the crowd you gotta weed out the trolls. Stuck on the highway to hell and your approachin the tolls. Strippin souls like bithces on poles. I thought I smelled a rat but only God knows.

I ain’t worried about the competition. Spot on never missin, I get my pot on when I’m dissin. these fools that claim to be Christian.  I donno what the man taught ya but I guess that devil done swooped up and bought ya. He said the war ain’t ova. I don’ wanna hear nothin, good luck here’s a four leaf clover. I had it in the bag since a young buck. You couldn’t sink lower. I don’t wanna hear shit from tow or, the rest of these fuckin jokers. Like I said, the war’s been over. I’m the God your just a poser. FIrst class ticket to hell I called the chauffeur he’ll be hear any minute. The snowball can’t compete with bolder. You just snowfall, and I’m comin with the snowblower. Fuck that, I’m coimin with with a steamroller, because I am over, you, oh, shit there’s the chauffeur dude, I won’t be prayin for you. I’ll preyin on you. And I’m perfectly complacent dude, that you rot in hell you, could take a swin with the fishes. It’s called the lake of fire, where you don’t get no bitches. Where your only prayer is that you could get out. But you can’t cuz you had to let the lead out. So I will, forget about you. Your not even on my register fool, your just a rebel who had to get the boot. Fallin through the ground no parachute. Off to hounds with the sharpest tooth that will devour you like chicken stew.

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