I use creativity as a ventilation tool, there is no measuing, the pain I’ve been through, knock on wood, hoping, I will get through, life, day by day, my mental, is shook,  It’s been ravaged, why is this cold world so fucking backwards every day I endure, a life of depression rage and madness, prayin I’ve been(bean) through the worst, like a lentil, 

I donno if I can handle, another day like this, prayin I’m capable, of going on, salty as fuck and pissed.  Every day, every night, leaves a nasty taste in my mouth like greypoupon, draggin on, I put the mask on, every time someone asks me how I am, how the fuck am I supposed to respond? I’m so fucked, I don’t give a damn, yea that’s what I would say, I pray, for brighter days,

I’m tryn take life one step at a time, but my shoelaces are untied, can’t deny, this pain anymore, my soul has been defiled, layin on the floor, ballin my eyes out, call it the Nile, why the fuck do I even try any more. They’re tryna widdle me down little by little, like a nail file, we’re all stuck in the game of life, but I ain’t playin anymore.

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